9 Things Private Investigators Can and Can’t Do

Private and investigator, when these two words sit adjacent to each other it creates a dream world in the mind of the general people. We often start to imagine the Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot in the places of people who are associated with the profession of private investigation. In reality these investigators have to maintain some code of conduct in their line of work. If they disobey any such code they can be considered at fault with the law, just like you and me. The experienced professionals of private investigation Toronto are going to let you know about 9 such things that the real private investigators can or cannot do.private investigation toronto

Break the Law

A private investigator is just a regular citizen with a different profession from most of the person. Other than that they are as much bound by the law as any citizen of any country. They might use some tactics that seem strange or even unlawful to you, but private investigation Toronto assures you that they well within the law.

Can They Follow Someone?

Yes. They can follow anyone that they choose it is perfectly legal in Canada. And you will be surprised the amount of surveillance requests the private investigators get. The professionals of private investigation Toronto assume that it would be near about 90% of all requests.

Can they Use GPS as Surveillance device?

It depends on the state laws of Canada. In certain circumstances and in certain states they can use GPS as a tool in surveillance.

Can they hack a Phone or Computer?

In television you can see the private investigators getting in the phone of anybody. In reality this never takes place. Even if they know how to do the hacking, it is completely illegal.

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Can They Get Bank Statements?

The financial records that banks hold are protected in nature. It may seem that the private investigators cajole personal information from many people; they cannot do any such things in the case of bank records.

Can They Get Travel Information

The professionals of private investigation Toronto state that getting hold of your travel information is not impossible. The process of collecting such data can be very difficult.

Can They Get Hold of medical Records?

They cannot get your detailed medical record as it is illegal. It is very easy to gather information of any medical condition from any associates of a person just by talking to them. It is very important to not even if they collect the information about the condition it might not be admissible to the court.

Do They Work With Police?

The private investigators are sometimes be engaged to get a second opinion on some very critical cases. Sometimes private investigators become a boon to the policemen who are generally bogged down with the pressure of work.

Can They Find a Lot of Information Online?

The professionals of private investigation Toronto certified that private investigators have made themselves very good researchers. They are often very good in deep web search as well. Therefore getting information from the internet can be easily done by them. Read more  about why should hire a private investigator for divorce cases here!