Can You Be Tested For Drugs At Your Workplace

As the legalization of marijuana is approaching legislators and politicians have been trying to manage the other aspects of this decision of the government. There can be a number of loose ends that they have to take care of. There can be a lot of problems once it is indeed legal. Employment lawyer in Toronto says that certain aspects have been taken care of such as, driving while high on weed, also the fact that there should be an age limit for the usage of the same. The guidelines regarding the manufacture and the buying of the product are all the different aspects that need catering to. But the biggest issues revolve around workplace conducts and rules.

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Effects on employment

There can be a lot of ways in which the standards of employment in terms of rules and regulations can be affected by this decision of the government. Safety standards are a huge concern for any and every organization says employment lawyer in Toronto. There are high chances that employees will feel okay about carrying marijuana with them to work and now they will have a legal justification for it. They might also say it is medicinal.

Imagine a truck driver on duty while being high on marijuana, can you even think about the dangers he will cause? That is the issue.

Some have suggested random drug tests at workplaces and that it be permitted by the government.

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But this will face a lot of challenges and it will not be easy to implement. There are no random drug testing laws that are available as observed by employment lawyer in Toronto although a person is not allowed to come to work in a state that is not sober. Except for those in the military drug tests at the random is hardly allowed. There have been attempts of making it legal in the past but all of them have failed miserably.

Privacy is what stops this from being implemented. Every employee has a right to demand privacy, plus a little THC in the body is usually not seen as harmful as far as legal standards are concerned.

But employment lawyer in Toronto emphasizes the fact that it is not completely impossible to do so. Drug testing can be done at the workplace. But there has to be some valid reason to do so, and cannot be done randomly.

All this are but random solutions that are being proposed as an alternative to legalizing drug tests at the random in workplaces. It is true that without a substantial reason like certain accidents or near accidents an employee cannot be persecuted by the employer. Plus legalizing of marijuana does not mean that everyone will be high at all times and even at work. Employment lawyer in Toronto says that it is expected from the employees themselves that they will abide by workplace etiquette and will not give way to any form of misconduct that might lead to discrepancies. Just try not to get high at your work, that is the only suggestion.