Ontario Government says that More Express Entry-Linked Draws with CRS below 400 is Possible

Some recent changes in the manner in which the minimum score for the Human Capital Priorities Stream for Ontario  is decided might result in further invitations which is eligible for the candidates of Express Entry with comprehensive ranking system scores that is below 400 says the provincial government.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)’s spokesperson has stated that it is possible for the minimum Comprehensive Ranking System score is going to drop below the previous minimum threshold of the stream which was 400 points. Canada immigration lawyer have mentioned that the Human Capital Priorities Stream will allow OINP to look for the Federal Express Entry system for the candidates who cater to the eligibility criteria or some other factors.

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Last week, OINP had revised the stream application guide for stipulating the minimum CRS score which is now going to be determined by the director of the program.  Leading to the change, the province was known to hold three invitation round through Human Capital Priorities Stream which CRS to be reduced below 400 and also a drop which was 350. This draw was known to target the express entry candidates said Canada immigration lawyer with an Ontario job offer like the previous draw in March where the CRS minimum drop was 351. Another Human Capital Priorities draw in the month of March also saw that the CRS had dropped to 351 for all the express entry candidates who had French language abilities of CLB 7 or even higher. Neither French language nor a job offer is mandatory under the established criteria of Human Capital Priorities Stream.

Canada immigration lawyer have said that Ontario have taken the help of Human Capital Priorities Stream for targeting Express Entry Candidates with certain work experience as it had in the month of June drawing targeting information and also communication technology workers.  This draw is also known to have experienced a drop below 400.

The spokesperson of OINP has mentioned that the likelihood of minimum score to continue dropping below 400 is depended on various factors.

The Factors

Canada immigration lawyer states that the Ontario Immigration act grans the OINPs direction the power to set the minimum CRS score on the basis of the following factors.

  • The annual OINP nomination allocation is decided upon by the federal government.
  • The requirements of the present labor market of Ontario.
  • The minimum CRS score of the federal government which establishes the selection parameters of the Express Entry.
  • Other related priorities of Ontario immigration.

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To be visible to the OINP when searching for the Express Entry Pool, Canada immigration lawyer say that candidates should express their interest in immigrating to Ontario or some other province or territories when they create the Express Entry profile. By doing so, it will allow OINP staff to know which are the candidates in the federal Express Entry system who has an interest in immigrating to Ontario.

If you are confused about the whole process, you can get in touch with an immigration lawyer. They have an idea about the entire process and will help you with the immigration program.