What are the Types of Work Permits in Canada?

Migrants often come to Canada for better job opportunities but in order to get a job here they require a work permit. There are a number of work permits to know about as summed up by Toronto Work Permit Lawyer.

Toronto Work Permit Lawyer

Open work permit

These are permits that do not pertain to any one kind of job. But there are a number of requirements that you need to take care of. Permanent residents can apply for this permit, their family members too can get this permit, Spouses of residents or international student can apply for a permit, refugees and their family can apply too, holders of resident permits, or workers who are here to participate in special programs can also apply.

Employer specific permit

This pertains to a specific employer that you have decided to work for according to Toronto Work Permit lawyer and for this you have to provide the employer’s name, the location and also the period you will be working for.


You must prove that once your permit is over you will leave the country. You must also show that you are financially stable enough to provide for both yourself and your family. You must not have any criminal background, and should not be a threat to the nation’ safety. You also need to pass a medical evaluation, and also you need to prove that you will be a part of a legal and respectable organization. Following theses few steps will help you get your permit according to Toronto Work Permit lawyer.

Qualify under NAFTA

NAFTA qualifies businesspeople under four groups, namely; Business Visitors, transferees of intra-companies, professionals, traders and investors.

Qualify under GATs

GAT stands for General Agreement on Trade. This trade promises to make business with Canada easier, and over 140 countries are its member. Three groups of people are seen as qualified by this agreement, according to Toronto Work Permit lawyer. The three groups include professionals, transferees and business visitors.

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Extension of work permit

There might be instances where you came to Canada with a job that you did not have long term plans for, but once you started working you started liking it. What do you do in such a situation? You would look for extending your permit. The first thing to consider is the date of expiry of the current work permit that you have. You need to make sure that you apply before the date of expiry of your current work permit. It is advised by Toronto Work Permit lawyers that you apply at least a month before the expiry date of your present permit for a seamless process. Otherwise there might be problems.

Getting a work permit is not impossible, all you have to really do is follow the rules, fit the criteria, have legal documents and identity proof and be an ideal citizen of the country as long as you are in the country. And seek legal help if need be.